Weather is a great weather extension for your browser

Weather, or Weather Extension depending on which browser you are using, is an extension for web browsers to display weather information directly in the browser.

A free and pro version of the extension is available. The free version provides good information already but if you need more information, e.g. severe weather alerts or animated icons, you need to upgrade to pro to get those.

Pro upgrades at the time of writing are available for a one-time fee of $9.99 for lifetime access to the features.

The review focuses on the Firefox version of the extension. Weather is also available for Google Chrome and Opera officially, and it should work on most Chromium-based web browsers as well.

Weather for Firefox

Weather Extension for Firefox requires light permissions only. It requests access to the location to display weather information for the current location and permissions to use notifications.

Once installed, it places an icon in the main toolbar of the browser. The icon displays the current temperature once you have accepted the privacy policy (which you do with a click on the icon using the prompt that opens).

The extension supports Celsius and Fahrenheit, and you may switch between those two with a click on the settings icon and the toggling of the unit on the preferences page that opens. Options to change the unit used for pressure and visibility are also provided.

The main weather report, which is displayed when you left-click on the icon, displays hourly and daily weather forecasts. Forecasts include the temperature, precipitation chance and cloud cover. The interface displays the next ten hours and the next eight days.

You can hover over any entry to display additional bits of data including wind, humidity, visibility, pressure, precip intensity, and UV index.

The preferences provide some additional features to free users.  You may change the interface language, make the theme even darker, and change formats and units. The update interval can be changed but faster updates are reserved to pro users.

weather preferences

Pro users find options to enable severe weather and precipitation alerts, and change the badge among other things.

A click on the radar icon in the main interface loads a radar view of the location. You may zoom while in radar view, change the playback interval, and use stop, forward and backward buttons to control the display.

weather radar

Closing Words

Weather, or Weather Extension, is a handy extension for desktop users who would like weather information directly in the browser without having to open a weather reporting website first. The extension is well designed and worked flawlessly during tests.

As far as features are concerned, it supports a good number of them; I’d like to see support for additional locations as that is missing right now.

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