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TVAnts Build 0720 Free Download

TVAnts is a P2PTV application that allows users to receive and stream live TV stations’ channels from around the world or video contents through peer-to-peer technology such as BitTorrent (BT) on a p2p network. With distributed video streams upload from viewers who also at the same time downloading the streams, the technology increase the available bandwidth and decrease network bottleneck on a single streaming server, thus improve video quality. New version of TVAnts is now released with support for Windows Vista and Windows Media Player 11 (WMP11).

The new features of TVAnts build 0720 include:

  • Block advertisement ads pop-up.
  • Support Windows Vista and Windows Media Player 11.
  • Solve the error that ActiveX control still playing the video even after the Internet Explore web browser has been closed.
  • Added Channel Manager in Tracker server, which can filter and verify channels, only those channel verified can be searched.
  • Added ability to display custom banner based on URL in Tracker server.
  • Added option to deny any new channel added by users in Tracker tab.

TVAnts is one of the best and smoothest P2PTV available, and best of all, it’s available in English language interface, making it popular not only in East Asia region, but also around the world. Some popular TV channels that are available include Taiwan TVBS channel 55, channel 56, ETTV News channel 52, ETTV Drama, CTI TV Entertainment, CTI TV News, CTI TV Comprehensive, Hong Kong TVB-8, TVB Xing He, TVB Jade, Phoenix Chinese Channel, Phoenix Info News Channel, Phoenix Movie Channel, University of Washington TV (UWTV), BBC News, Channel [V], MTV, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, National Geographic Channel, China CCTV-1, CCTV-3, CCTV-4, CCTV-5, CCTV-6, CCTV-7, CCTV-9, al-Jazeera TV, Star World, HKiCSTV, Korea SBS CBJ, KBS 1TV, KBS 2TV, MBC TV, KMTV, TBS TV, WOW TV, Japan LFX TV, POD TV, Chilevision, Localia TV, TN 24 Horas Argentina, Music Plus TV, ESPN, EPSN2, StarSports, Sport TV, TV asturias, Canal Comunidad Valenciana, France 24 EN News, Israel Plus TV, Television de la Frontera, Web Telemadrid Sat, Fashion TV, OnTopTV, ABC News, Russia RTR PLANETA, Nashe Kino, Bloomberg US, CNN+, CNBC, CFN, CN8, EMS Police Channel, Eurosports, WHL Sports, MSNBC, CATV12, SFGTV, Duna TV, WABC.NewsTV, Vietnam HTV7, and a lot more plus radio channel such as CNN Radio.

Download TVants TvantsSetup.exe (resource no longer available)

Latest updated version available for free download.

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