The new Firefox add-ons website

Initially I wanted to write about a new Firefox add-on that I discovered recently but since I failed to download the add-on from the new Firefox add-ons website I decided to write about this new website instead.

Mozilla updated AMO, the Mozilla Add-ons repository website recently.

The first thing that I did notice when I tried to download the add-on was that I was forced to login to the website to download it. This is apparently necessary for all unsigned add-ons probably in an effort to protect inept users from downloading and installing harmful extensions.

So I had to fill out a form, click on a link that was sent to my email account and thought I was done and able to download the add-on. Funny thing happened, the add-on would not download. That’s my experience with the new Firefox add-ons website.

There are some other elements – or better missing elements – that are bothering me. They have removed the option to sort by newest / latest updated add-ons on the main page, that option is only available when you are already in a category and it will – of course – only sort all add-ons in that category accordingly.

Then there is the problem that a check is performed before you can install an add-on and if your version is incompatible it will not install. Users who like to test the latest beta and nightly builds have to expand the advanced details and click on complete version history to avoid those checks.

The only positive I can say about this new design is that it looks nice and clean; But I prefer fast and accessible over that anytime.

Update: Things have changed a bit since the initial relaunch of the add-ons website. It is now possible to download and install all add-ons without account which is a great step in my opinion.

Mozilla has added a new and recently updated category as well which you can use to find out what is new and discover new add-ons.

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