Webmin / Virtualmin / Usermin Uses Wrong / Incorrect / Outdated SSL Certificates

Webmin and its modules or user interfaces, Virtualmin, Usermin and

phpMyAdmin ForceSSL Not Found (Redirect to HTTPS/SSL Alternative)

In phpMyAdmin prior to version 4.6.0, the ForceSSL configuration directive

“undefined” Appended to URL Causing 404 Page Not Found Error

When checking Apache HTTPD or Nginx web server access log,

No iptables / ip6tables Bootup Action Was Found at Webmin Networking in CentOS / RHEL / Fedora 7

When going to Linux Firewall module in Webmin Networking (which

How to Use Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate Automatically in Virtualmin / Webmin

Since Webmin 1.78 and Virtualmin 5.0, Webmin can request an

How to Automatically Renew & Replace Let’s Encrypt SSL Certs

The free SSL certificates generated by Let’s Encrypt has the

How to Request, Generate & Setup Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate

After downloading and installing Let’s Encrypt client on your web

How to Install Let’s Encrypt in CentOS / RHEL / Fedora / FreeBSD / OpenBSD / Ubuntu / Linux

Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority

Apache HTTPD Address Already In Use: Make_Sock: Could Not Bind to Address 80 / 443 Error

When starting or restarting Apache HTTPD server which was previously

Apache HTTPD No Space Left On Device Failed to Start Error

When restarting or starting the Apache HTTPD server in Linux

Virtualmin Package Updates Install Failed (No More Mirrors to Try)

When updating Virtualmin managed packages, such as wbm-virtual-server (Webmin module

How to Automatically Upgrade Installed Scripts Update on All Virtual Servers

Virtualmin provides webmasters with ability to install various scripts onto

Read Data Timeout in 31 Seconds PHP 500 Error

When executing and running PHP script, the PHP script may

Install and Run Multiple (and Newer 5.4 or 5.5) PHP Versions in Virtualmin

The free web hosting control panel Virtualmin comes by default

Connection Reset by Peer: mod_fcgid: ap_pass_brigade Failed in handle_request_ipc Function

When running web app coding in PHP programming language, and

mod_fcgid Error Reading Data from FastCGI Server – Premature End of Script Headers

When running web app coding in PHP programming language, and

Virtualmin Webmin Update Failure Metadata File Does Not Match Checksum

When trying to Webmin to newer version through Webmin’s Virtualmin

How to Reset or Change Virtualmin & Webmin Root Password

When trying to logon to Webmin and/or Virtualmin, the login

Disable HTTPS / SSL for Virtualmin / Webmin Miniserv

Webmin and Virtualmin allows system administrators to manage Linux servers

Virtualmin Installation /tmp Directory is Mounted NoExec

When installing Virtualmin, the install script may stop with the