Emsisoft Emergency Kit 2020 update brings a new interface design and dark mode

Emsisoft Emergency Kit has been my go-to secondary scanner for

Avast shuts down Jumpshot

Avast CEO Ondrej Vlcek announced today on the official Avast

Antivirus for Windows 7: support continues

All antivirus solutions remain supported on Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating

Avast is in hot water again: subsidiary sells browsing data

The past couple of months have not been good for

Kaspersky replaces Free Antivirus with Security Cloud Free

Internet users who try to download the free antivirus solution

ScreenWings can block malicious programs from taking screenshots

We have talked about quite a few screenshot tools here,

KpRm is a post-disinfection program that can find and delete malware removal tools and their remnant files

Manually deleting file and folder leftover by an uninstallation, is

How to determine if a Google Chrome extension is safe

When it comes to online security, you can never be

Malwarebytes 4.0 for Windows launches

Malwarebytes released Malwarebytes 4.0, a new version of the company’s

WinOTP Authenticator is an open-source alternative for WinAuth

Some days ago, we told you about Authenticator, an open-source

KeePass 2.43 Password Manager released

A new version of the password manager KeePass was released

Authenticator is an open-source 2-step verification app for iOS

When it comes to iOS, open-source apps are something of

Microsoft: 2-factor authentication blocks 99.9% of account attacks effectively

What is the best protection against attacks on accounts? Microsoft

First Look at Malwarebytes 4

Malwarebytes, maker of the security application Malwarebytes, released the first

How to enable Ransomware Protection in Windows Defender and add custom folders to it

Windows Defender has been gaining a foothold steadily for the

About Security Intelligence Updates for Microsoft Defender

If you administrate systems protected by Windows Defender, the default

Buttercup is an open source password manager for Windows, macOS, Linux, Firefox and Chrome

There is no shortage in supply when it comes to

Avast Free Antivirus – An overview of its pros and cons

I installed Avast Free Antivirus on my laptop a few

Confusion about a recently disclosed vulnerability in VLC Media Player

Reports started to emerge on the Internet about a critical

Malwarebytes fixes Windows Defender deactivation bug in Windows 10 1903

Malwarebytes users who upgraded machines to Windows 10 version 1903