Cloudflare launches For Families with filter support

Cloudflare launched its DNS service back in 2018 (on April

Microsoft’s new Edge browser will get vertical tabs soon

All modern browsers use a horizontal bar to display open

DeepL Translator gets support for Japanese and Chinese languages

DeepL, a popular online translator and translation service, has added

Vivaldi introduces ad-blocker in latest browser snapshot

Vivaldi continues its work of integrating protective features into the

Microsoft adds option to change New Tab search provider to new Edge browser

Microsoft updated the list of features recently that it plans

OpenSilver: Silverlight makes an open source comeback

Ten years ago, plugins were needed for a lot of

Vivaldi adds a clock with alarm and timer to browser

The latest snapshot of the Vivaldi web browser displays a

Microsoft adds Chrome themes support to new Edge browser

Users of the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge web browser which

[email protected]’s Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence comes to an end

[email protected] will go into hibernation on March 31, 2020. The

Vivaldi introduces Tracking blocker functionality in latest build

Vivaldi Technologies released a new snapshot of the next version

How to install Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) in the new Microsoft Edge

Microsoft’s new Chromium-based web browser Microsoft Edge supports progressive web

The Microsoft Edge extension store is finally getting some traction

Microsoft released the new Chromium-based web browser on January 15,

Microsoft improves Easter Egg Surf game in new Microsoft Edge browser

Did you know that Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser

Brave gets option to restore webpages that are broken or deleted

Webpages come and go; sometimes, it is a temporary thing

How to add a Menu Bar to Microsoft Edge

The Menu Bar, once a given for any desktop web

An overview of all internal Microsoft Edge URLs

All web browsers come with a set of internal URLs

uGet is an open source download manager for Windows and Linux that also supports Torrents and Video downloads

XDM and HTTP Downloader are very good open source download

Waterfox web browser sold to System1

It appears that the Waterfox web browser has been sold

Vivaldi 2.11 released with new keyboard tricks and pop-out video improvements

Vivaldi Technologies has released Vivaldi 2.11 for the desktop a

Here is the list of connections that Microsoft Edge requires to work properly

Microsoft’s new Edge web browser tries to connect to various