Freeware MyPlanetSoft Anti-Keylogger

Most banks in Europe offer a new service on their

Highly configurable online proxy

Lets start with a quick link in the morning. The

Sony music cds might install spyware on your system

A few minutes ago I read a news article written

Convert a Recovery CD to working Windows Install CD

The guys at Neowin posted an article on how to

Can your computer run the game?

I discovered a website that tests if your PC can

NSA Operating System Guides

The National Security Agency offers Operating System Guides on its

The IP: The housenumber of your Computer

Before I start I would like to tell you that

Watch free movies online

I thought this would be of interest to some of

How Internet Search Engines work

I’ve published a short article on how search engines work

Process Patrol

Process Patrol allows you to manage Windows processes on your

A New Gaming Feature – Spyware

Greg Hoglund took a closer look at the popular online

Free online web proxy

Just a quick one this time. A new free online

How do spammers spam?

Richi published a great introduction on how spammers actually send

Unlocker: How to delete “cannot delete files”

Sometimes files or folders are locked by the operating system

WinSCP – Freeware SFTP and SCP client for Windows

WinSCP is a freeware SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) and

Openoffice 2.0 is here

OpenOffice 2.0 is finally available for everyone to download. I’ve

ppStream – P2P based Streaming Media (P2P Internet TV)

PPstream is a software that allows to view a streaming

Making phpBB2 working with PHP5

Officially, phpBB 2 (as of this writing, up to version

Using phpMyAdmin for Effective MySQL Management in Windows XP

phpMyAdmin is a open source, web-based client that can manage

Check Oracle Version

There are several ways where you can query or retrieve