Installing and Configuring DHCP Server (DHCPd) on FreeBSD

DHCP, the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, describes the means by

Change your Windows XP Password even though you can’t remember it

I found an interesting article over on Logical Expressions that

Linux Live CD for Windows Users

I know what some of you might be thinking right

Disable Auto Go To (Jump) To Read More Tag

In WordPress, it’s possible to a WordPress blog site to

Sony, the rootkit and the internet community

No matter which internet page you open these days you

Freeware CrashDoctor

CrashDoctor is a Windows freeware program that tries to recover

Freeware Language Identifier

Have you ever come across a website and wondered what

Prevent Google Analytics from tracking your visit

Today Google launched their free tracking tool for webmasters. It

Windows XP SP2 TCP Connection Limit (Event ID 4226)

With the release of Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Microsoft

ppStream Connection Limit in Configuration Settings

ppStream comes with a configuration file named setting.ini at the

How to remove the Sony – XCP DRM Rootkit

Sony added a rootkit to some of its commercial music

Detect and Remove Duplicate Files

If you are like me you are probably downloading lots

Free music on the web

Gina over at Lifehacker published a nice article about places

How the music industry should react

The outrage from the internet community about Sony’s “rootkit” CD

Sony halts production of ‘rootkit’ CDs

After lots of controversy about their rootkit music CDs Sony

Why QWERTY was invented!

Ever thought about why your keyboard layout is the way

Easy Way to Upgrade FreeBSD’s Ports

Before you can update and upgrade the FreeBSD’s ports, the

Why Every Windows User Needs a Linux Live CD

Help2go have published useful information why every Windows user needs 

How to live without the music industry feedback

The article created a lot of feedback, mostly positive on

Update FreeBSD Ports Collection Up to Date and Latest

CVSup can be used as a quick method for getting