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Microsoft TV IPTV Streaming Video Support in Xbox 360 and Demo Video

Microsoft introduces at the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) during keynote address by Bill Gates an Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) enabled Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system, which will effectively turn the video gaming console Xbox 360 into a digital TV receiver and recorder, and likely to propel Xbox 360 as the digital home entertainment center for the family living room. IPTV on Xbox 360 will be available to consumers by holiday season 2007 and will be offered by providers that are deploying TV services over broadband networks based on the Microsoft IPTV Edition software platform.

Users who subscribe to XBox IPTV need not to upgrade the hardware of Xbox 360 as the existing Xbox 360 will be able to double as IPTV device through a software update. With the integration of video gaming console with Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) services, users will experience first-of-its-kind entertainment experience where IPTV on Xbox 360 is expected to give consumers all the advantages of an advanced TV service along with the benefits of next-generation gaming, as well as unique new capabilities that the integrated solution brings. Gamers or non-gamers using the Xbox 360 as an IPTV set-top box will still be to play games on the Xbox 360.

Beside, Xbox Live, the largest online social gaming network in the world exclusive for Xbox owners will be seamlessly integrated into the experience, providing consumers with a wide range of community-based features to the IPTV service, such as online voice chat with friends, sending and receiving text and voice messages, and accessing Xbox Live Marketplace, all while watching TV. For example, while a TV viewer is enjoying his favorite football game, he can receive a message from a friend inviting him to a join voice chat while watching the game, or to play a game of their own with EA SPORTS “Madden NFL 07” on Xbox Live.

IPTV on Xbox 360 will be powered by Microsoft TV IPTV Edition software platform which features some advanced features such as instant channel zapping, a rich and responsive user interface, video on demand with branded video-on-demand storefronts, digital video recording and high-definition television. Microsoft TV IPTV Edition is been used by some of the world’s largest telecommunications service providers as their IPTV software solution, with scale commercial deployments currently under way with AT&T in the United States, BT Group PLC in the United Kingdom, Deutsche Telekom in Germany, T-Online in France and Swisscom in Switzerland.

Best news for potential Xbox 360 IPTV subscribers and customers is that IPTV video program providers, where Xbox 360 must engage to access the IPTV contents, are expected to offer discounted Xbox 360s for lease along with IPTV service, much as wireless companies offer mobile phones with service agreements.

Video no longer available
Video clip demo that showcases and demonstrates how IPTV on Xbox 360 in action play, and how you watch streaming TV on Xbox 360.

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