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LastPass no longer listed on the Chrome Web Store

LastPass customers and new users searching for password managers on Google’s Chrome Web Store may have noticed that the LastPass extension for Google Chrome is currently no longer listed on the store.

A search for LastPass returns other extensions but not LastPass which is not listed in the Store at the time of writing; this comes days after some LastPass customers experienced issues when they tried to log into their accounts.

LastPass released a statement on Monday in which it provided information about the outage. According to the information, it was an “isolated issue” and not a “widespread outage”.

Over the weekend, a small group of LastPass users may have experienced error messages when attempting to log into their accounts. The LastPass team identified the isolated issue, confirmed it was not a widespread outage, and it has been completely resolved. All services are now working, and no user action is needed.

The official company blog provides no information on the removal of the Chrome extension. The Firefox extension is still listed on Mozilla AMO.

The company’s official Twitter account offers no information but the LastPass Support account does. Two messages were posted that provide information on the issue. The first states that the company is aware of the missing extension and that it is working on resolving the issue.

We are aware that our Chrome extension is currently unavailable in the Chrome Web Store and working to remedy the situation. We apologize for any frustration.

The second message provides additional details. According to the post, LastPass removed the extension from the Chrome Web Store accidentally.

The LastPass extension in the Chrome Web Store was accidentally removed by us and we are working with the Google team to restore it ASAP. You can still access your Vault by signing in on our website. Thank you for your understanding and patience in the meantime.

It appears that Google and LastPass are working on resolving the issue. LastPass users may access their passwords in installed extensions or by opening the Vault on the official website.

LogMeIn, the parent company of LastPass, announced in 2019 that it will be acquired by a private equity firm.

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